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Tricks To Make Your Lips Look Bigger

While some are gifted with big lips that make them look very attractive and pretty, others may have very thin ones which they may be very unconfident about. But the world is so advanced that you can always do something to make them look bigger and better. Take a note of the tips below to find out how you can do this.

Natural methods

Keep them hydrated and not flaky. Take your toothbrush and rub over them to get rid of all the flakes, it not only will remove all the dead cells but also increase the circulation to the area which would end up giving a very rosy appearance. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of water and rubbing Aloe Vera gel over them. You can also apply some baby oil over them to keep them looking plump. Find yourself a good lip balm and apply it regularly especially if the weather around is cold or if you are always inside air conditioned rooms.


There are many makeup tricks that you can use to get the look you have always wanted. First you can use a lip liner to draw a few inches away from your natural lip line which makes it bigger than normal. Then use some gloss in the middle before applying the lipstick. Stick to neutral or lighter shades rather than dark shades. Dark shades tend to make them look smaller than what they are. Use two neutral colours instead of one. One shade all over the mouth and the lighter shade only in the middle. Finally cover the area around with concealer to make it really pop. Following these tips of makeup can make it seem like you got lip enhancement Sydney surgery done.

Products and procedures

There are many products in the market that is used to plump your lips. All you need to do is apply it overnight and you may wake up in the morning with a new found appearance that you absolutely love. They may contain different oils, chemicals and even hormones in some. So make sure you aren’t allergic to any by testing it behind your ear lobe first. The other option is to go for lip filler which may give you a more long lasting look. Make sure to go to a professional that knows to do it right as it is more of a permanent look. If having bigger lips will make you confident, then you must do all you can to achieve the look you have always wanted.