Things To Consider When Selecting An Elderly Caretaker

Your elderly loved ones maybe getting into a position where they cannot take care of themselves alone. Most elders do not like shifting to an elderly home or hospital and hence it is essential to have a caretaker with them at all times since you may not be able to pay your fullest attention to them. You need to carefully select a caretaker as you are assigning your loved one’s total responsibility on them. So here are some of the important factors you need to consider before you go ahead with the decision.

Home care needs

Firstly you need to evaluate your need of in home care based on health, personal and household care from Home Care Assistance Greater Parramatta. Your elder may need complete assistance or partial assistance depending on his or medical situation. A complete assistance will include 24 hour care given, while the caretaker resides with the elder. He would need to take responsibility of household activities, along with medication, daily activities such as bathing, toileting, dressing, meal preparation etc. A partial assistance will include a few-hour visit as per request. It would be better to write down a job description of the exact activities that need to be done so that it would be easier to locate a caretaker.


It is no child’s play to attend to an elderly citizen and hence proper training and knowledge is needed. A certification as a nursing assistant from a renowned facility is compulsory. Prior experience will be an added advantage. Be mindful to verify these qualifications from the respective institutes as there have been many cases of fraud.


It is vital to decide where to hire the caretaker from. You could opt for an agency or your own personal contacts. An agency maybe a bit more expensive however, you could be sure of a quality and reliable service of home care from Hills District. It is also a faster method since you could easily contact them and state your requirements. Your personal contacts from friends, relatives and neighbors may help however there is no proper reliability of the service and no party to take responsibility of any mistake done by the assistant.


The caretaker needs to not only know the job, but look and feel the job too. He or she must possess a friendly personality so that your elder could build companionship with them. Choose a few options and let them meet the elder. You could let him choose his assistant as it is essential to feel comfortable with them.