Why Is Smoking So Bad For You?

You already know smoking is bad for you. Why exactly so; read ahead to find out…

  • It causes cancer; simple as that – countless researches have proven that smoking causes cancer, and in all honesty, we cannot find a reason bigger than this to not smoke. Sure; you might argue that this only happens with excessive smoking. But that point can differ from body to body and person to person. How will you know your body’s limit? And while some forms of cancer are easily detected and can be treated worldwide, some forms, like colorectal cancer, cannot be treated everywhere. So you will have to spend big money just to get a colonoscopy Brisbane done.
    • It kills those around you – you might not be worried about your health. You might not even be concerned about having to find a colorectal surgeon in the near future. But does that mean you should put those around you in danger as well? Passive smokers (or second-hand smokers) are more prone to illnesses than active smokers. This is especially true with children. Do you want to be the reason for the passing away of a loved one?
      • It’s addictive and makes you dependent on it – those who introduce you to smoking always start off with “come on…what difference will one cigarette make?”. Unfortunately, the results differ. For some, smoking a few puffs once every few months is possible; for others, they will not even realize when they’ve got addicted to it. It will not be long before they cannot manage without it; depending on it for even their bowel movement.
        • It makes you look older than you are – if you are someone who is concerned about your looks, or if your looks are part of your career (like those in the fashion industry), then smoking can not only ruin your youthful looks, but also your career.
          • It kills your voice – did you know that along along with darkening your lips and giving you the infamous “smokers lips”, cigarette smoking also plays with your voice? While it might not make you loose it entirely, it can make it very horse. So if you plan on a career in the music world, this habit is not for you.
            • It makes you sleepless – we all know how essential a good night’s sleep is. Lack of sleep can make you irritable, unable to focus, and more often than not, not be able to perform tasks with the right amount of energy. Did you know that smoking before sleep can keep you up for longer? So if you really have to smoke, try doing so in the earlier parts of the day…